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    The beauty of microbial life showcased in SCELSE’s inaugural Microphotography Imaging Competition

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    SCELSE researchers show houseflies and blowflies have host-specific microbiomes and demonstrate their potential use in disease surveillance

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    SCELSE's inaugural Microscopy Seminar an important first step in developing advanced imaging expertise

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SCELSE's Interactive Research Fields
Environmental Engineering
Understanding microbial communities in engineered and environmental settings and provide translational outcomes for harnessing of biochemical transformation processes in several key systems.
Meta-'omics & Microbiomes
The development and application of cutting edge, high resolution, ‘omics, and analytical technologies to understand microbial communities and microbiomes in natural or engineered systems to the level where informed control can be applied.
Microbial Biofilms
Unravelling the mechanisms behind biofilm establishment, development, structure and function to understand and control key aspects of biofilm biology in all settings.
Public Health & Medical Biofilms
Understanding the basis for biofilms as agents for microbial infections, concealment in the environment and the development of pathogen resistance, to create sustainable control technologies that target biofilm-specific traits.