Ms Angel Anisa COKRO
PhD Student

Supervisor: Prof. Stefan Wuertz

Project Title: Enhanced biological phosphorus removal and possible effects of higher temperature on the P removal under the novel fully aerobic condition, as well as anoxic/aerobic conditions

Conventional enhanced biological phosphorus removal (EBPR) from used water requires the cycling of biomass between anaerobic and aerobic (or anoxic) stages in order for the polyphosphate accumulating organisms (PAOs) to gain advantage. However, recent findings have suggested the presence of biological phosphorus removal in a laboratory scale reactor operated under fully aerobic conditions. The more conventional processes required for temperate and cooler climate plant operations, such as chemical precipitation are not present in this tropical system. Anisa's project aims to utilise the novel fully aerobic conditions, as well as aerobic/anoxic conditions, to test the effects of temperature and explain the removal of P in a used water treatment plant operating in a tropical climate.