A/Prof CHNG Shu Sin
Public Health & Medical Biofilms
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, NUS

A/Prof Chng’s laboratory focuses on understanding lipid trafficking processes in Gram-negative bacteria and mycobacteria. Specifically, his research group studies how lipids are transported from the inner membrane to the outer membrane in these organisms. Here at SCELSE, his group will use Pseudomonas aeruginosa as a model biofilm organism and elucidate the mechanisms by which PQS (Pseudomonas quinolone signal) and rhamnolipids get transported to the outer membrane, and eventually secreted into extracellular space. PQS is a hydrophobic molecule involved in quorum sensing while rhamnolipids are secreted bio-surfactants that protect biofilms against host defenses. Understanding how each of these “lipids” get secreted may allow the discovery of inhibitors that target these pathways, and thus modulate biofilm formation and maturation, respectively. More information about Shu Sin and his research can be found at here.