Ms ZHU Xinyi
PhD Student

Supervisor: A/Prof. Scott Rice and Prof. Staffan Kjelleberg

Project Title: Involvement of nitric oxide (NO) in biofilm dispersal: molecular mechanisms and industrial applications

Exogenous addition of NO has been proved to induce dispersal of biofilms formed by a board range of microorganisms. Biofilm dispersal is highly regulated in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. But underlying mechanisms have not been fully understood. Drinking water treatment and distribution systems are subject to many problems due to microbial contamination and biofilm formation. Application of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane is limited due to the biofouling phenomenon. NO is promising in controlling membrane biofouling in wastewater treatment systems. In this project, Xinyi aims to 1) decipher the underlying mechanisms of NO-induced biofilm dispersal by transcriptional analysis 2) investigate the role of NO as a novel strategy for controlling biofilm in RO system.