Dr Shailendra MISHRA
Research Fellow

Dr Mishra is a member of the Biofilms in Waterways team under A/Prof. Sanjay Swarup. Previously, he was a research associate in NUS Environmental Research Institute, NUS. During his PhD programme, his research focused on discerning the mechanistic details by which carbon-rich peat is oxidised by microbial communities and revealing how land-use change and commercial agriculture of tropical peatlands in Indonesia affect these mechanisms, leading to increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For his Masters in Engineering thesis, he worked towards understanding chromium toxicity and its bioaccumulation by chromium-tolerant Bacillus and Arthrobacter species. He has extensive experience in field-based approaches, linking functional microbial ecology with environmental traits, which will be applied to understanding carbon and nitrogen fluxes in urban waterways.