Dr MYA Mya Khin
Research Fellow

Dr Mya Mya Khin works in SCELSE as a research fellow under the supervision of Prof. Yehuda Cohen and Dr Celine Vidaillac EP Phan. Her research will focus on the role of extracellular polymeric matrix in regulating structure and function of microbial biofilms to serve as models for chromic wounds in diabetic host, in the framework of Singapore Israel Industrial Research Development – SIIRD. 
Prior joining us, she worked as a research fellow in Prof. Mary Chan’s group (SCBE, NTU) and a research engineer in Prof. Seeram Ramakrishna’s group (Mechanical Engineering, NUS). She was also a lecturer in Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic before commencing lab-based activities. She finished her undergraduate studies in chemical engineering from Yangon Technological University (Myanmar) before coming to Singapore to pursue her postgraduate studies in chemical engineering at NUS under the supervision of Prof. M.S. Uddin.  Her Masters was completed also in NUS where thereafter she joined Prof. Zhou Weibiao’s group to obtain her PhD in the chemistry department of NUS.