Dr YUNG Pui Yi Maria
Research Fellow

Maria gained interest in environmental microbiology since her undergraduate studies in the University of New South Wales, Sydney. She obtained her PhD in the same place, under the Centre of Marine Bio-Innovation (CMB), studying the phylogenetic and functional diversity of the microbial communities associated with marine sponges found in coastal areas of Australia. Her research expanded to study the microorganisms in the soil and root environment during her postdoc. Her projects involved mining the microbiome for novel biocatalysts as a means of resource recovery from biological wastes, as well as studying the microbial diversity and the functional capabilities to plant-microbe interactions.

Her technical skills include various aspects of microbiology, molecular biology, high throughput phenotypic screening, -omic data analysis and assays relating to biofilms.  She recently joined Prof. Lauro’s team in SCELSE, NTU and works on the development of microbial biosensors to detect organic pollutants.