Corporate Services
Dr CHONG Hui Ying Grace
Governance and Corporate Services Director

Dr CHEE Wey Yeeng
Senior Assistant Manager, Procurement

Ms CHEW Ley Byan
Assistant Manager, Laboratory Operations and Workplace Safety & Health

Mr CHO Ching, Terence
Senior Executive, Laboratory Operations and Workplace Safety & Health

Mr CHOW Cheok Mun Allen
Manager, Governance and Corporate Services

Dr KOH Kai-Shyang Krager
Head, Laboratory Operations and Workplace Safety & Health

Ms LAU Soon Lay
Temporary Executive, Finance

Mr LEE Chin Weng
Operations Officer, Laboratory Operations

Ms Priscilla Sangitha LEFORT
Executive Officer, Graduate Studies

Mr LEONG Hay Ying Adriel
Senior Executive, IT Operations

Dr LIM Leng Hiong Freddie
Assistant Manager, Science Communications

Ms LOH Ying Ting
Assistant Manager, Graduate Studies & Marketing Services

Senior Assistant Director, Science Communications

Ms LUI Lih Chen
Executive, Finance

Ms NG Li Li
Senior Executive, Finance

Ms Kartini Binte SAHARAWEE
Assistant Executive, Procurement

Ms Wahyuna Binte SULAIMAN
Executive, Laboratory Operations

Ms TAN Sow Chin
Assistant Director, Finance

Ms Deborah TJHIN
Executive, Procurement