by Gonzo E. E., Wuertz S., Rajal V.
Reference: npj Biofilms and Microbiomes (2018) 4: 5.
Research Cluster(s): Environmental Engineering
by Prasanna JOGDEO, Chai R., Shuyang S., Saballus M., Constancias F., Wijesinghe S.L., Thierry D., Blackwood D.J., McDougald D., Rice S. A., Marsili E.
Reference: Journal of The Electrochemical Society (2017) 164: C532-C538.
Research Cluster(s): Microbial Biofilms
by Bjarnsholt T., Alhede M., Alhede M., Eickhardt-Sørensen S.R., Moser C., Kühl M. , Jensen P.Ø., Høiby N.
Reference: Trends in Microbiology (2013) 21: 466-474.
by Lutz C., Thomas T., Steinberg P. D., Kjelleberg S., Egan S.
Reference: Environmental Microbiology (2016) 18: 1635-1645
Research Cluster(s): Microbial Biofilms
Reference: Microbiology Australia (2018) 39: 152-157.
Research Cluster(s): Microbial Biofilms
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