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by Vergés A., Doropoulos C., Malcolm H. A., Skye M., Garcia-Pizá M., Marzinelli E., Campbell A. H., Ballesteros E., Hoey A.S. , Vila-Concejo A, , Steinberg P. D.
Reference: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2016) 113(48): 13791-13796
Research Cluster(s): Microbial Biofilms
by Adell A. D., McBride G., Wuertz S., Conrad P. A., Smith W. A.
Reference: Water Research (2016) 104: 220-230.
Research Cluster(s): Environmental Engineering
Programme(s): Urban Water Cycle
by Xu L., Xin L., Zeng Y., Yam K. H. J., Ding Y., Venkataramani P., Cheang Q.W., Yang X., Tang X., Zhang L., Chiam K., Yang L., Liang Z.
Reference: Science Signaling (2016) 9(450): ra102
by Jurek A., Genander M., Kundo P., Catchpole T., He X., Strååt K., Sabelström H., Xu N.-J., Pettersson S., Henkemeyer M., Frisén J.
Reference: Experimental Cell Research (2016) 348: 10-22
Research Cluster(s): Public Health & Medical Biofilms
by Li M., Long Y., Liu Y., Liu Y., Chen R., Shi J., Zhang L., Jin Y., Yang L., Bai F.
Reference: Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology (2016) 6: 125
Research Cluster(s): Public Health & Medical Biofilms
by Keogh D., Tay W. H., Ho Y. Y., Dale J. L., Chen S., Umashankar S., Williams R. B. H., Chen S. L., Dunny G. M., Kline K. A.
Reference: Cell Host & Microbe (2016) 20: 493-503.
Research Cluster(s): Public Health & Medical Biofilms
by Ding Y., Zhou Y., Yao J., Szymanski C., Fredrickson J. K., Shi L., Cao B., Yu X.-Y.
Reference: Analytical Chemistry (2016) 88:11244-11252
Research Cluster(s): Environmental Engineering
by Suriyanarayanan T., Periasamy S., Lin M.-H., Ishihama Y., Swarup S.
Reference: PLoS ONE (2016) 11: e0164155
by Groizeleau J., Rybtke M., Andersen J. B., Berthelsen J., Liu Y., Yang L., Nielsen T.E., Kaever E., Givskov M., Tolker-Nielsen T
Reference: Microbiology (2016) 162: 1797-1807.
Research Cluster(s): Public Health & Medical Biofilms