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Second Industry Outreach & Networking Reception
When: 23 November 2015 (3:00 - 6:00pm)
Where: SCELSE, SBS-01N-27, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Type: Others

SCELSE successfully hosted its second Industry Outreach & Networking Reception, attended by industry collaborators from 10 companies, government agencies and academic institution, and consolidated their interest in ongoing interactions with SCELSE and its researchers. 

The event consisted of a short seminar session followed by an opportunity to network. SCELSE volunteers were assigned to liaise with guests to make them comfortable and facilitate the conversations.

This event, which took place on Monday 23rd November, follows on from the previous outreach reception in May and is hosted to provide a relaxed environment for informal conversations and discussions.

In his welcoming address SCELSE deputy centre director Prof. Yehuda Cohen encouraged guests to capitalise on SCELSE’s expertise and state-of-the-art facilities. 

A/Prof. Scott Rice was the first speaker of the seminar, giving the audience a broad overview of biofilm control strategies. He emphasised that biofilms can have a negative impact in healthcare and maritime settings but are also beneficial in areas such as wastewater treatment and bioremediation.

Next, A/Prof. Rice invited the guest speaker, Dr Mark Phong from L’Oréal, on stage to talk about their collaboration with SCELSE. Dr Phong is the Director of the Singapore Research and Innovation Centre at L’Oréal. He gave an introduction to the L’Oréal company profile and their research interests. 

“It may seem strange that our company would be interested in research into microbes, but we are focused on two things - skin and hair. Thus, the skin microbiome is very interesting to us. Through our research work with SCELSE we aim to develop products that can improve the skin and hair for everyone,” he explained.

After the presentations, participants were guided to the SCELSE coffee lounge where a poster session and buffet reception awaited. SCELSE volunteers were present to explain the posters to the guests and answer their questions. 

While the guests mingled over food and drinks, some of them opted to join a guided tour of SCELSE’s laboratories. 

SCELSE PhD students Adeline Yong and Joey Yam led the guests into the laboratories. 

At the sequencing facility, Dr Daniela Moses gave a quick introduction to sequencing technologies and equipment. 

PhD student Angel Anika Cokro gave the overview of the bioreactor facility, while Dr Lim Chun Ping and Kumar were stationed at the imaging facility to showcase the instruments inside.

Although guest attendance was lower than for the inaugural event, participants were pleased with the opportunities to network with those in attendance. They also found the presentations informative, giving them greater insight into SCELSE’s research, and they look forward to more of such events.

“We may review the frequency of these events to maximise the availability of our collaborators,” said SCELSE Outreach Committee chair, Dr Sharon Longford, who oversaw the event’s organisation.

A big thanks goes out to all SCELSE outreach committee members, volunteers and our student helper Hartono Candra for making this event a success.