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World Water Day celebration a good reminder about sustainable management of freshwater resources
21 March 2017

22 March is the United Nations World Water Day.

Here is a message from SCELSE's Prof. Stefan Wuertz, Research Director and Professor of Environmental Engineering:

"The UN World Water Day is celebrated annually on 22 March to remind us of the most precious resource on Earth, namely, freshwater. Each year has a specific focus and in 2017 the theme is “Wastewater”. In Singapore we say “Used Water”, a term that embodies the qualities of sustainable management of freshwater resources. The world has come far in making used water available for various beneficial uses, including reclamation and resource recovery. SCELSE plays an important part in this effort; our students and researchers work to better understand the role of specific microorganisms in breaking down organic compounds and removing nutrients like ammonia and phosphorus before treated effluent is discharged. Today we have reason to reflect on our objectives and accomplishments. I am confident that interdisciplinary research will continue to lead the path towards a sustainable use of the limited resources on our planet."

Please check out the Singapore World Water Day website for fun activities and events:

For more information, please visit the UN World Water Day website: