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Interspecific and intraspecific diversity are functionally substitutable in mixed-species biofilms
29 July 2016

SCELSE’s second video abstract highlighting a research article by Dr Kelvin Lee, Joey Yam, Dr Manisha Mukherjee, Dr Saravanan Periasamy, Prof. Peter Steinberg, Prof. Staffan Kjelleberg and A/Prof. Scott Rice has been produced and is now available for viewing.

Please click the below video window to view the abstract:

In the world of microbes, diversity plays a key role in their functions. Intraspecific diversity is the variation within a population from the same species while interspecific diversity occurs in a community made up of different species. SCELSE researchers studying mixed-species biofilms found that both types of diversity are functionally substitutable. 

Surprisingly, the more competitive morphotypic variants disturb species equilibrium in the biofilm community, leading to a less robust community that is sensitive to stress. This potentially explains why such variants are so common in the lab but very rare in the natural environment. 

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