Dr LEE Kai Wei Kelvin
Research Fellow

Dr Lee graduated with a first class honours in Biological Sciences in 2009 and subsequently obtained his PhD from Nanyang Technological University in 2014. Under the supervision of Prof. Staffan Kjelleberg and A/Prof. Scott Rice, his PhD work involved developing an experimental mixed-species biofilm model. Using novel fluorescent markers, high resolution imaging and 'omics' approaches, the mechanisms of bacterial interspecies interactions as well as their effect on biofilm structure and function were studied. Building on his experience with studying complex biofilm community, Kelvin is currently collaborating with L'Oréal to investigate and define microbial interactions on the skin, including interspecies and host-microbe interactions. Other collaborations and work include nano-engineering biofilm as sustainable energy storing material as well as characterisation of antifouling surface coated with thermal switchable polymer.