Mr HAO Piliang
PhD Student

Supervisor: A/Prof. Newman Siu Kwan Sze (School of Biological Sciences, NTU).

Project Title: Development and application of novel proteomics methods.

Piliang joined Prof. Newman’s lab as a research associate in 2009. His major work has focused on the development of novel proteomics methods for proteomics applications.  He developed several novel proteomics methods under Newman’s supervision, such as whole proteome fractionation of label-free and iTRAQ labeled complex samples using electrostatic repulsion-hydrophilic interaction chromatography (ERLIC), have taken the place of traditional methods in our lab. It is expected that these methods will be widely used by other researchers in the future due to its easy-to-use, cost-effectiveness and improved performance compared with traditional methods. Piliang is applying these proteomics techniques that he developed to the discovery and validation of biomarkers in human atherosclerotic plaques for predicting secondary cerebrovascular events.