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Microbiomes in Food Production

Research projects

Food security and safety as key areas of priority in an increasingly urbanised planet. The production of sufficient food to meet the nutritional needs of the world’s growing population is further challenged by the effects of climate change on rainfall patterns, droughts, floods and the degradation of soil quality. SCELSE is investigating the means by which biofilms and microbiomes can help to meet these goals through their intimate involvement in plant, human and livestock health, alternative sources of nutrition, and valorisation of waste streams.

Topics include:

  • Inter-kingdom signalling drives co-evolution of mutualistic plant-microbe interactions
  • Enhancing aquaculture productivity
  • Circular economy: converting food processing wastewater to aquaculture feed
  • Alternative nutrition sources: insects and microalgae
  • One Health poultry hub

Understanding root-soil microbiome interactions to foster enhanced plant resilience and productivity.