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Third Industry Outreach & Networking Reception
When: 07 December 2016 (3:00 - 6:00pm)
Where: Life Sciences Institute (LSI), Centre for Life Sciences, National University of Singapore
Type: Others

SCELSE’s first Industry Outreach & Networking Reception at NUS attracted strong participation with over 30 guests from more than 20 organisations, and showcased SCELSE’s unique amalgamation of research talents and capacities across both NUS and NTU.

Participants found the event useful and informative, and enjoyed the interactions with other attendees from different organisations.

“This is a good opportunity to connect with people from industry and other members of the research community. Great event and organisation!” said Asst Prof. Miao Yansong from the School of Biological Sciences at NTU who attended the event.

NUS Life Sciences Institute (LSI) Director and Associate Director SCELSE at NUS Prof. Peter Little hosted the guests at the Centre for Life Sciences (CeLS) building for the presentations and networking reception in a casual and relaxed setting.

“I would like to stress that the projects that you will be exposed to today are not exclusive to NUS. We are an organisation that genuinely and freely works across two large universities, hopefully gaining benefit from both of them,” Prof. Little said during his welcome speech to the guests.

The event included short presentations of SCELSE research work by A/Prof. Sanjay Swarup on “Urban waterways and plant microbiomes”, Asst Prof. Yang Liang on “Biofilms and eye health”, Asst Prof. Chng Shu Sin on “Antibiotic discovery through chemical biology” and A/Prof. Scott Rice on “Marine microbial communities”.

For the future industry outreach events, Asst Prof. Miao suggested that a brief containing summary information about participating companies and organisations could be circulated for the benefit of the attendees.

Special thanks to the SCELSE Outreach Committee and to all student volunteers and liaison personnel who helped to make the event a success.