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Microbial Marvels: The Hidden World of Microbes

Catch SCELSE’s microbial marvels at the Open House! Discover the hidden wonders of microbes through our groundbreaking biofilm and microbiome research and network with SCELSE’s R&D leaders at the forefront of their field.

SCELSE shines at SIWW 2024

SCELSE stands with the global water community with its innovative water research

New Insights into a Molecular Anti-Bacterial Weapon

-Hope for controlling bacterial pathogens

SCELSE’s Research Structure

Mission: To discover, control and direct the behaviour of microbial biofilm communities and microbiomes
for sustainable environmental, engineering, public health and medical applications.

Environmental Engineering Cluster

Understanding microbial communities in engineered and environmental settings and provide translational outcomes for harnessing of biochemical transformation processes in several key systems.


Meta-'omics & Microbiomes Cluster

The development and application of cutting edge, high resolution, ‘omics, and analytical technologies to understand microbial communities and microbiomes in natural or engineered systems to the level where informed control can be applied.


Biofilm Biology Cluster

Unravelling the mechanisms behind biofilm establishment, development, structure and function to understand and control key aspects of biofilm biology in all settings, including natural and engineered urban environments, host-microbe interactions, public health and medical contexts.


Biofilms & Health Cluster

The Biofilms & Health cluster embraces the societal and health problems posed by bacterial biofilms and microbiome dysbiosis.


Integrative Analysis Unit

The Integrative Analysis Unit (IAU) provides analysis and interpretation expertise, guiding and advising SCELSE researchers on metagenome analysis and related methods, as well as experimental design, data analysis and statistics.