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Professor Guillermo Bazan, one of SCELSE’s affiliate Professors, on his new appointment as Centre Director of the Institute for Digital Molecular Analytics and Science (@IDMxS). We are very much looking forward to fostering collaboration and synergy across IDMxS and SCELSE in the years to come.

SCELSE PI honoured with outstanding woman researcher in Population Genomics award

We speak to SCELSE PI and NTU Assistant Professor Hie Lim Kim on her thoughts on winning a Venus International Women Award, for her outstanding work in the field of Population Genomics.

SCELSE was honoured at the NTU Safety & Health Awards ceremony 2023 on 5 March 2024

Prof Alain Filloux, SCELSE centre director (right) receiving the Bronze award from Dr Luke Ong, NTU Vice President of Research (left) on behalf of our laboratory management team!

NTU Safety & Health Award 2023

Congratulations to our Laboratory operations and Workplace Safety & Health team for winning this award!
“I am very proud of the work and commitment of the team to keep SCELSE a safe place to work.”
– Prof Alain Filloux, SCELSE centre director

SCELSE’s Research Structure

Mission: To discover, control and direct the behaviour of microbial biofilm communities and microbiomes
for sustainable environmental, engineering, public health and medical applications.

Environmental Engineering Cluster

Understanding microbial communities in engineered and environmental settings and provide translational outcomes for harnessing of biochemical transformation processes in several key systems.


Meta-'omics & Microbiomes Cluster

The development and application of cutting edge, high resolution, ‘omics, and analytical technologies to understand microbial communities and microbiomes in natural or engineered systems to the level where informed control can be applied.


Biofilm Biology Cluster

Unravelling the mechanisms behind biofilm establishment, development, structure and function to understand and control key aspects of biofilm biology in all settings, including natural and engineered urban environments, host-microbe interactions, public health and medical contexts.


Biofilms & Health Cluster

The Biofilms & Health cluster embraces the societal and health problems posed by bacterial biofilms and microbiome dysbiosis.


Integrative Analysis Unit

The Integrative Analysis Unit (IAU) provides analysis and interpretation expertise, guiding and advising SCELSE researchers on metagenome analysis and related methods, as well as experimental design, data analysis and statistics.