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Research Presentation
Speaker(s): Mr. WOO Yissue
When: 31 October 2017 (9.00 AM)
Where: SCELSE, B3 Meeting Room - 1
Type: Environmental Engineering Group Meetings

Title: Nascent nitrifying community dynamics with monochloramine exposure.
Abstract: The drinking water distribution system in Singapore maintains its drinking water quality with residual monochloranine disinfection. Monochloramine disinfection is preferred over chlorination, due to the the lower reactivity of monochloraine, allowing better penetration into biofilms, and lower generation of disinfection byproducts. Due to the utilization of ammonia to generate monochloramine, nitrification is prevalent in chloraminated drinking water distribution. This study will explore the relationship between differing concentrations of monochloramine, and the 3 groups of nitrifiers (Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria, Ammonia-oxidizing archaea, Nitrite-oxidizing bacteria).