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Complexity: What it Is and How it Works
Speaker(s): W. Brian Arthur- External Professor, Santa Fe Institute and Visiting Researcher, Intelligent Systems Lab, PARC
When: 03 September 2015 - 03 September 2015 (9:30)
Where: SBS Classroom 4 (Level 1)
Type: Seminars

Abstract: Complexity is a movement in the sciences that’s been playing out for the last 30 years. Prof Arthur will give an introduction to complexity and several examples of how it works. He will ask how effective complexity studies have been and what insights the field has contributed to the sciences.


Bio:  W. Brian Arthur has been Morrison Professor of Economics and Population Studies at Stanford, and is one of the founders of the Santa Fe Institute. He is currently Nanyang Visiting Professor and Senior Advisor to the President of NTU. Among his awards are the (inaugural) Lagrange Prize in Complexity Sciences, and the International Schumpeter Prize in Economics. He holds degrees in mathematics, electrical engineering, economics and operations research.