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Marine biofouling in Singapore's coastal waters
Speaker(s): Dr Serena Teo, Deputy Director of Research, Tropical Marine Science Institute (TMSI), National University of Singapore (NUS)
When: 19 July 2017 (3:00 - 4:00pm)
Where: Asian School of the Environment (ASE) Seminar Room B (N2-01B-28)
Type: Seminars


The tropical sea around Singapore is characterised by warm sea temperatures with monsoon-driven seasonality patterns; high nutrient levels and productivity; and a very rich organism biodiversity. The biotic factors coupled with warm year-round temperatures accelerate growth of marine biofouling and bio-deterioration. In this seminar, I will present research and biofouling patterns our team has recorded over the past 10 years in Singapore, highlighting challenges for further research to mitigate problems faced by industries operating in Singapore's urban coastal environment.


Dr Serena Teo is the deputy director of research at the Tropical Marine Science Institute and facility director of the St John's Island National Marine Laboratory. Serena did her BSc in Zoology at the National University of Singapore and her PhD in Marine Biology at University College Swansea, UK. Her research interests include marine invertebrate larval biology, marine biosecurity, marine antifouling and urban ecology.