Dr NG Chun Kiat Calvin
Research Fellow

Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Cao Bin

Project Title: Engineering biofilm For multidimensional catalysis

Microorganisms have the potential to change the oxidation state of metals and these microbial processes have opened up a new window for novel applications including biosynthesis of metal nanomaterials. Through exploiting the activity of the biofilm matrix, Calvin is working towards the fabrication of hybrid biofilm-nanocrystal systems or nanocatalytic biofilms. This enables the generation of a biofilm-based nanocatalytic activity, complementing the inherent biofilm biocatalytic traits, for the development of novel environmentally friendly multifunctional catalytic systems exhibiting both bio- and nano-catalytic activities. This proof-of-concept can be extended to environmental remediation of industrial pollutants and biosynthesis of fine chemicals in pharmaceutical industries etc.