Mr Prasanna JOGDEO
PhD Student

Supervisor: A/Prof. Scott Rice

Project Title: Development and control of marine microorganism biofilms

Corrosion is the primary process that affects and deteriorates metals. Different characteristics physio-chemical parameters such as pH, concentration of oxygen, salts and redox potential at the interface of the metal surface and environment are responsible for corrosion. Prasanna works on microbially influenced corrosion (MIC), which refers to effect of microorganisms on the process of corrosion due to formation of biofilms on the metal surface.  The development of biofilms and analysis of the bacterial community will be helpful in understanding the complexity of these communities. Prasanna’s study will also include evaluation of different cost effective compounds and strategies to control biofilms formed under these conditions. The use of toxic compounds will be avoided in determining these strategies for biofilm control.  Biofilm control strategies will also be monitored using methods to assess community diversity to determine the effect of the novel agents on the community.