A/Prof KIM Hie Lim
Meta-'omics & Microbiomes cluster, SCELSE
Asian School of the Environment, NTU

Asst. Prof. Kim specialises in population genomic analyses, applied to genetic variations found within or between populations in order to infer the demographic history of the populations. During her PhD training in Japan, she studied population genetics and evolutionary biology. Prior to joining SCELSE, when she was a postdoctoral researcher at Penn State University, Hie Lim's research extended to genomics and she applied population genetic analyses to whole genome sequence data. She has a faculty appointment in the Asian School of the Environment at NTU.

Research Interests:

Asst. Prof. Kim’s current research projects involve:

  • Studies on human population history related to environmental changes using whole genome population data in collaboration with the GenomeAsia 100K project (https://genomeasia100k.org/)
  • Evolution of human immune genes as a result of adaptation against infectious disease
  • Comparative genomics on air-borne microbes
  • Population genetics on sea turtles nesting in Southeast Asia

SCELSE publications