Dr Angel Anika COKRO
Research Fellow
Environmental Engineering cluster, SCELSE

Project Title: Anaerobic Digestion Ecosystem Microbial Observatory (ADEMO) of Ulu Pandan Water Reclamation Plant

Anaerobic digestion process has been well established for years to treat the sludge produced during the wastewater reclamation processes. However, the understanding of the dynamics of the microbial community members that are involved in the digestion process is still lacking. As a result, many WRPs' anaerobic digesters have not been able to reach the theoretical effectiveness level. To be able to better understand the microbial community along with its relation with the applied solid retention time (SRT) and the subsequent digester performance can lead to a more effective system that will benefit many. This project proposes a holistic and long-term investigation on the effects of changing the SRT on the microbial community within the digester and the impact on the digester's performance.