Dr Lucinda Elizabeth DOYLE
Research Fellow

Dr Lucinda Elizabeth Doyle joined SCELSE as a research fellow under the supervision of A/Prof. Scott Rice and is working with A/Prof. Federico Lauro, Dr Diane McDougald, Dr Enrico Marsili and Dr Jamie Hinks, investigating microbially-influenced corrosion under high hydrostatic pressure. 

Prior to joining SCELSE as an RF, Lucinda was a SCELSE PhD student under the Interdisciplinary Graduate School where her PhD thesis focused on the enrichment and characterisation of novel electroactive bacteria from tropical climates.
She is interested in the specific mechanisms by which microbes can influence corrosion, the details of which are largely unknown. 

Specifically, as an homage to her PhD work, her research aims to clarify the role of electroactive bacteria, in particular, in the process. The key parameter of high hydrostatic pressure is often overlooked in studies due to technical limitations, so being able to incorporate this into the experimental set-up is truly exciting to her.