Enhancement of 2-keto-gulonic acid yield by serial subcultivation of co-cultures of Bacillus cereus and Ketogulonigenium vulgare
Reference: Bioresource Technology (2013) 132: 370-373

The co-cultures of Ketogulonigenium vulgare and Bacillus cereus were subcultured daily for a total of 150 transfers. The yield of 2-keto-gulonic acid (2-KGA) and medium pH in the co-cultures were measured. We found that the serial subcultivation increased the yield of 2-KGA from 77% (original co-culture) to 93% (the 150th transfer of transferred co-culture). The resulted strains are of industrial interests for vitamin C production.


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Zou Y., Hu M. L., Lv Y. J., Wang Y., Song H. and Yuan Y. J.

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Zou Y., Hu M.L., Lv Y.J., Wang Y., Song H., Yuan Y.J.