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by Valentin E., Bottomley A.L., Gayatri CHILAMBI, Harry E.J., Amal R., Sotiriou G.A., Rice S. A., Gunawan C.
Reference: Nanoscale (2020) 12: 2384-2392
Research Cluster(s): Biofilm Biology
by Wall J. D., Ratan A., Stawiski E., Kim H. L., Gusareva E., Purbojati R., Schuster S.C., GenomeAsia 100K Consortium
Reference: The American Journal of Human Genetics (2910) 105: 1254-1261
Research Cluster(s): Meta-'omics & Microbiomes
by GenomeAsia 100K Consortium
Reference: Nature (2019) 576: 106-111
Research Cluster(s): Meta-'omics & Microbiomes
by Cheng H., CHENG Dan, , Mao J., Lu T.
Reference: Environment International (2020) 133: 105165
Research Cluster(s): Environmental Engineering
Programme(s): Urban Water Cycle
by Shapiro K., Kim M., Rajal V., Arrowood M.J., Packham A., Aguilar B., Wuertz S.
Reference: Food Microbiology (2019) 84: 103252
Research Cluster(s): Environmental Engineering
Reference: Introduction to Biofilm Engineering. Eds Rathinam and Sani, American Chemical Society (2019) 1323: 59-82
Research Cluster(s): Biofilm Biology
by Kundu P., Lee H.U., Garcia-Perez I., Tay E.X.Y., Kim H., Faylon L.E., Martin K.A., Purbojati R., Moses D., Ghosh S., Nicholson J.K., Schuster S. C., Holmes E., Pettersson S.
Reference: Science Translational Medicine (2019) 11: eaau4760