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by Reza M.M., Finlay B.B., Pettersson S.
Reference: EMBO Molecular Medicine (2019) 11: e9872
by Jo Y., Johir M.A.H., Cho Y., Naidu G., Rice S. A., McDougald D., Kandasamy J., Vigneswaran S., Sun S.
Reference: Biochemical Engineering Journal (2019) 148: 9-15
Research Cluster(s): Biofilm Biology
by Wernberg T., Coleman M., Babcock R., Bell S., Bolton J., Connell S., Hurd C., Johnson C., Marzinelli E., Shears N., Steinberg P. D., Thomsen M., Vanderklift M., Vergés A., Wright J.
Reference: Oceanography and Marine Biology: An Annual Review (2019) 57: 265-324
Research Cluster(s): Biofilm Biology
by Sim J., Osborne K.A., Argudo García I., Matysik A. S., Kraut R.
Reference: Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology (2019) 7: 129.
Research Cluster(s): Biofilm Biology