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by Abdul-Hamid N. A., Abas F., Maulidiani M., Ismail I. S., Tham C. L., Swarup S., Umashankar S.
Reference: Analytical Biochemistry (2019) 576: 20-32
Research Cluster(s): Environmental Engineering
by Low A.H.L., Teng G.G., Pettersson S., de Sessions P.F., Ho E.X.P., Fan Q., Chu C.W., Law A.H.N., Santosa A., Lim A.Y.N., Wang Y.T., Haaland B., Thumboo J.
Reference: Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism (2019) 49: 411-419
by Nilsson M., Givskov M., Tolker-Nielsen T.
Reference: Methods in Molecular Biology (2019) 2016: 39-49
Research Cluster(s): Biofilm Biology
by Mats LEIFELS, Shoults D., Wiedemeyer A., Ashbolt N.J., Sozzi E., Hagemeier A., Jurzik L.
Reference: Water (2019) 11: 1196
Research Cluster(s): Environmental Engineering
Programme(s): Urban Water Cycle
by Kim H., Worsley O., Yang E., Purbojati R., Liang A.L., Tan W., Moses D., Hartono S., Fan V., Lim T.K.H., Schuster S. C., Foo R.S.Y., Chow P.K.H., Pettersson S.
Reference: Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences (2019) 76: 4341–4354