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Publications Filter by Year: 2021
by Critchley L. P., Bugnot A. B., Dafforn K. A., Marzinelli E., Bishop M. J.
Reference: Science of The Total Environment (2021) 751: 141371.
Research Cluster(s): Biofilm Biology
Reference: Wu P., Givskov M. and Nielsen T. E. (2017). Selectivity of kinase inhibitors. Drug Selectivity: An Evolving Concept in Medicinal Chemistry (vol. 72). H. Buschmann and N. Handler. Weinheim, Germany, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA.
Research Cluster(s): Biofilm Biology
by Sabir S., Suresh D., Subramoni, Das T., Bhadbhade M., Black D. S., Rice S. A., Kumar N.
Reference: Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry (2021) 31: 115967
Research Cluster(s): Biofilm Biology
by Le Bert N., Chia W. N., Wan W. Y., Teo A. K. J., Chong S. Z.-R., Tan N., Tan D. S. C., Chia A., Tan I. B., Kunasegaran K., Chua Q. X., Abdad M. Y., Ng A. S. H., Vasoo S., Ang J. X.-L., Lee M. S., Sun L., Fang J., Zhu F., Cook A. R., Aw T. C., Huang J., Tam C., Lee F. S., Clapham H., Goh E. J.-K., Peou M. S. S., Tan S. P., Ong S. K., Wang L.-F., Bertoletti A., Hsu L. Y., Ong B. C.
Reference: Emerging Microbes & Infections (2021) 10: 2141-2150
Research Cluster(s): Biofilm Biology
Programme(s): Public Health & Medicine