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SCELSE Seminar Series: PlasticTides:Examiningthesources,fate,andimplicationsof microplastics in tropical marine environments

Date:    Thursday, 14 Sep 2023
Time:   10am – 11am
Venue: NTU School of Biological Sciences Classroom 3 (SBS-01N-23)
Marine microplastics are ubiquitous pollutants in our aquatic ecosystems. These particles measuring less than 5 mm in diameter are of increasing concern, especially in marine coastal environments. These particles are easily taken up by marine life and act as transport vectors for a large diversity of microorganisms. In this talk, I will demonstrate the prevalence of microplastics in Singapore’s coastal environments, from beach sediments to marine biota such as shrimp and gastropods. I will also highlight the presence of hitchhiking biota on the plastisphere and discuss these implications on human health and food security, evaluating various solutions to this widespread issue.


St John’s Island National Marine Lab and the Tropical Marine Science Institute