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Introducing the SCELSE Graduates & Postdocs Association (SCELSE-GPA)

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  • 17 Oct 2023

The SCELSE Graduates & Postdocs Association (GPA) was recently launched to foster an environment of support and provide networking and skill-building opportunities for SCELSE researchers.

“The SCELSE GPA initiative has kicked off with an interactive workshop on effective communication within a scientific context. The main objective of this association is to enhance our researchers’ scientific and social skills. Look forward to more workshops, seminars and recreational events coming up!” – Dr Soheil Neshat, SCELSE research fellow & head of the GPA

“Training the next generation of young scientists and microbiologists is a high priority at SCELSE. The GPA could give them the opportunity to become independent and critical thinkers, and unleash their creativity by sharing their views with their peers. We look forward to nurturing confident, collaborative SCELSE-branded scientists,” said Prof Alain Filloux (SCELSE centre director)

Join the GPA seminars happening every last Friday of the month at SCELSE (look out for more details to come).