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Loh An Rong Aaron

Research Assistant
Biofilm Biology cluster, SCELSE


Aaron is currently a Research Assistant and Master’s student jointly supervised by A/Prof Rebecca Case and Prof Staffan Kjelleberg. His research aims to discover potential coral probiotics that can help confer resilience to corals against global climate change. Previously, Aaron has also worked on coral microbial studies in SCELSE, under the supervision of Prof Diane McDougald, Prof Scott Rice and Dr Lindsey Deignan. At his previous job working at A*STAR, and his undergraduate final year project, Aaron’s research focused mainly on tackling various aspects of human metabolic disorders along with its associated comorbidities. After chancing upon the concept of ‘One Health’, where the health of humans, animals and the environment are interlinked, Aaron decided to make a career shift towards improving the health and resilience of our vulnerable coral reefs at SCELSE back in 2020.