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Dr Ezequiel Santillan

Senior Research Fellow | Senior Project Manager
Environmental Engineering cluster, SCELSE-NTU


Ezequiel is a senior research fellow in Prof Stefan Wuertz’s lab at SCELSE, specialising in interdisciplinary research for Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations) and the circular economy. As the project manager of a Singapore NRF-funded CRP research grant, he collaborates with industry partners and research institutions to recover aquaculture feed additives from food-processing wastewater. Ezequiel, a Fulbright scholar, holds a PhD and MSc in civil & environmental engineering from University of California Davis, USA, with expertise in assessing microbial communities, disturbance ecology, wastewater treatment, and bioremediation applications, including intellectual property development. He also has a BSc in chemical engineering and five years of industry experience in steelmaking.