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Dr Mrinmoy Mazumder

Research Fellow
Environmental Engineering cluster


Dr Mrinmoy Mazumder is a SCELSE research fellow in the Environmental Engineering cluster, in Prof. Sanjay Swarup’s plant holobiont research team. His expertise lies in plant biology, molecular biology, hormone cross-talk, and stress signalling related to plant-microbe interactions, particularly within the rhizosphere under natural conditions.

Dr Mazumder completed his doctoral research at the Bose Institute, Kolkata, earning his PhD in the field of plant-pathogen interactions from the University of Calcutta, India in 2015. His postdoctoral career commenced at the Bose Institute, focusing on hormone cross-talk in the plant’s resistance response to pathogens. In 2019, he joined SCELSE as a research fellow, delving into plant-microbe interactions within the rhizosphere and their ecological impacts.

Dr Mazumder’s research uncovered that plants release MeJA as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from roots, which aid in assembling the soil microbiome to create a beneficial biofilm, significantly enhancing plant growth. Currently, his work involves gaining a deeper mechanistic understanding of this phenomenon and identifying specific microbial VOCs within these biofilms that contribute to improved plant growth.