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Dr Omkar Kulkarni

Research Scientist, L’Oréal Singapore
L’Oréal-SCELSE joint laboratory


Omkar joined the L’Oréal-SCELSE joint lab in Singapore as a L’Oréal Research Scientist in Sept 2022, where the focus is to conduct upstream knowledge research within the scope of both skin and scalp microbiome.

Omkar is a microbiome scientist by training and completed his PhD on a SCELSE scholarship with Associate Professor Sanjay SWARUP at the National University of Singapore. His work focused on dissecting plant microbiomes and host plant interactions and led to the identification of bioactive volatile molecules produced by host plants, which enrich beneficial microbes in the complex soil microbiome ecosystems. This work led to an international patent filing and a high-impact publication for agrochemicals promoting plant-beneficial biofilms. Omkar has strong expertise in analytical chemistry and host-microbiome dynamics.