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Nabilah Taqiah

Research Assistant
Biofilm Biology cluster, SCELSE


Nabilah is a research assistant under the supervision of Dr James Ho in the Biofilm Biology cluster. Her current work involves using biophysical methods to understand the mechanism behind small molecule preservatives and fibrous non-woven polymers interaction in baby wipes’ preservation system. She worked alongside external collaborators like P&G-A*STAR, SNBC-Kemin Industries and SMART to study the impact of biofilms on washing machines, animal probiotics, hospital-acquired opportunistic pathogens and indoor household environment. Nabilah has experience in polymer- preservation chemistry, growing biofilm in a CDC biofilm reactor, biofilm inhibition assays, microbiology and molecular biological techniques. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences (hons) specializing in cancer biology from the University of Bradford, UK in 2017, and later worked at P&G for a year, conducting packaging testing for various P&G products and brands.