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Nagasaijanani Rajpirathap

Research Associate
Environmental Engineering cluster


Ms Nagasaijanani Rajpirathap recently joined as a research associate in Prof Sanjay Swarup’s research group at SCELSE-NUS, where she is involved in the biofilms in waterways project. This project is focused on biofilms and how they drive the processes occurring in natural environments. Prior to her role at SCELSE, she served as a research assistant and assistant lecturer at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura in Sri Lanka. It was at this institution that she completed her MPhil degree, conducting research centred on understanding the distribution, ecology, diversity, and phylogenetic relationships of endophytic microbiomes. Her interests are directed toward research that prioritizes environmental sustainability and protection. She brings with her skills and a well-established track record in the fields of microbial genomics and molecular biology.