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Quah Yiling Samantha

Research Associate & PhD student
Biofilms & Health Cluster, SCELSE
L’Oréal-SCELSE joint laboratory


Ms Samantha Quah is a Research Associate under Dr Viduthalai Rasheedkhan Regina’s supervision in the Biofilms & Health cluster and L’Oreal-SCELSE Joint Research Initiative. She works on multi-species microbial community interactions, biofilm physiology and host-microbe interactions of the human skin microbiome. Prior to joining SCELSE, she was a Research Assistant in the Faculty of Dentistry, NUS studying oral microbiota and biofilms in periodontal and endodontic infections. She received her MSc degree from the Department of Biochemistry at the National University of Singapore based on her research with the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, A*STAR Singapore in cancer molecular signaling.