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Sudarsan Mugunthan

Research Associate
Biofilm Biology cluster, SCELSE


Mr. Sudarsan Mugunthan is working with Professor Staffan Kjelleberg, Associate professor Thomas Seviour and A/P Scott Rice at SCELSE. He holds a master degree in industrial biotechnology. His current PhD work predominantly focuses on an ongoing project that aims to provide an explanation for the role of extracellular DNA/RNA in Pseudomonas biofilms and how the process of eDNA/eRNA secretion is regulated. He also has various side projects with SCELSE collaborators (i.e. UVC control of biofilms, coculturing of Pseudomonas with Gluconoacetobacter biofilms as enhanced biomaterials and effect of nanoplastics on denitrifiers and global biogeochemical cycle). The above projects apply a range of disciplines from outside microbiology, including analytical chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, fluorescence imaging and engineering.