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Tan Jing Wen Rachel

Research Assistant
Biofilms & Health cluster, SCELSE


Ms Rachel Tan has joined SELSE as a research assistant under the supervision of Dr Haris Antypas in the Biofilms & Health cluster. In SCELSE, she will be studying biofilm-related infections using animal models with a focus on wound infection and infective endocarditis. Her responsibilities will include the application of microbiology methods and different rodent handling techniques, ranging from basic animal care to advanced microsurgical procedures, in order to investigate host-pathogen interactions in vivo. She received her bachelor’s degree (environmental science & business) from James Cook University, Australia. Prior to joining SCELSE, Rachel completed an internship with Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) under NParks in their veterinary epidemiology department, where she assisted in mitigating the spread of zoonotic infectious diseases to safeguard public health.