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Vineeth Kodengil

Research Scientist
Meta-‘omics & Microbiomes cluster, SCELSE


Vineeth has joined SCELSE as a research scientist under the supervision of Prof Stephan Schuster in Meta-‘omics & Microbiomes cluster. In SCELSE, he works on establishing and running metagenomic analysis pipelines. He is also responsible for investigation and trial of new bioinformatic methods for potential integration into standard protocol(s), assembly, and annotation of whole genome bacterial and fungal isolates, proper archival of sequencing read data (SRA) and whole genome assemblies (WGS) into public databases as necessary for publication. Vineeth served as a senior bioinformatician or scientist in both academia and industry for the last 11 years after doing a bachelor’s degree in microbiology and master’s degree in bioinformatics. Prior to joining SCELSE Vineeth worked as a senior scientist at the Ministry for Primary Industries in New Zealand.