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SCELSE marine expert works on “Greening” structures put up to protect against rising sea levels

What Singapore’s East Coast could face without coastal protection measures in place. (Credit: CNA)

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  • 05 Dec 2023

In light of rising sea levels, Singapore’s strategy to protect its coastlines includes a planned “Long Island” reclamation project – the latest weapon in the low-lying nation’s arsenal. ‘Greening’ structures that are put up is also one possible panacea. CNA Channel NewsAsia (Digital) speaks to SCELSE’s expert – Dr Stephen Summers – on how transplanting organisms onto sea walls, can help with increasing ecological function and diversity on barren sea walls.

He also comments on natural defences such as Mangroves, saying: “These coastal superheroes, with their intricate root systems and natural barrier protections, can be a valuable asset in sustaining our coastal regions.”

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