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Upcoming SCELSE 8th Summer Course (18 June – 06 July)

The Summer Course is strongly recommended by last year’s participants.

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  • 23 Jan 2018

The annual course on Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (ELSE) is a highly interdisciplinary and intensive three-week course that exposes the students to a broad range of topics such as microbial ecology, statistical data analysis, biofilm fundamentals as well as applications in wastewater treatment and biofilm drug discovery.

“I get to be in the same room with more than ten nationalities, from different countries, cultures and beliefs, which is so amazing! I knew very little about biofilms before this course, but now I’m beginning to see more areas I would like to focus on, even after my PhD,” said Ms Audu Jemilatu Omuwa from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

“I found the bio-corrosion and marine microbiology sections very interesting, and I cannot speak more highly of the speakers for the course. The main highlights for me include talking with Prof. Ken Nealson, and the Singapore cultural tour,” said Dr Michael Kitching from University College Dublin in Ireland.

Students and early career professionals from Asia are highly encouraged to apply. If you are interested in the Summer Course, please click HERE for more information about the application process.