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Dr Hii Yiik Siang Yvonne

Research Fellow
Biofilm Biology cluster, SCELSE-NTU


Dr Yvonne Hii is a SCELSE research fellow in the Biofilm Biology cluster, under the supervision of Prof. Staffan Kjelleberg and Dr Stephen Summer. Her research focuses on the isolation and enrichment of methanotrophs from diverse environmental samples. Additionally, she focuses on the production of single cell protein (SCP) and polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) from methanotrophs. Her research aims to culture methanotrophs in a high-pressure bioreactor with the goal of improving the yield of SCP and PHB by increasing the solubility of methane. Yvonne obtained her PhD in biochemical engineering from Curtin University, Australia, where her research centred on the isolation and microencapsulation of phosphate solubilising microorganisms found in peat.