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Ngu War Aung

Research Associate
Meta-‘omics & Microbiomes cluster, SCELSE


Ngu War Aung has been working in SCELSE as a research associate at the Meta-‘omics and Microbiome cluster under supervision of Dr Akira Uchida and Professor Stephen Schuster since 2017 after completing her Master’s degree in microbiology from Mahidol University in Thailand. Her work focuses on the isolation and identification of airborne bacteria and fungi from indoor and outdoor air and environmental samples collected from nature parks across Singapore. In addition, she works on isolating genomic DNA for nanopore sequencing quality and identification of fungi using morphology and molecular methods. She also performs screening of fungal biodiversity and metabolites with antimicrobial efficacies from endophytic fungi using a molecular biology approach, the latter of which have potential for industrial-scale production. Finally, she is involved in research projects for both pathogenic and non-pathogenic fungi by integrating physiology and molecular biology approaches.