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Yap Pui Khee Peggy

Research Assistant
Biofilm Biology cluster, SCELSE


Peggy joined SCELSE as a research assistant, working under the supervision of Dr Jamie Hinks previously. Presently, she is working under Dr Stephen Summers in the Biofilm Biology cluster. During her time at SCELSE, she focused on characterizing the extracellular polymeric substances in various types of biofilm matrices, with the support of external partners such as Evonik and P&G. In her current role, Peggy is utilizing a developed hollow fiber infection model to investigate the antibacterial properties and the pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics (pk/pd) of synthetic molecules. This research is being conducted in collaboration with Prof Guillermo Bazan’s lab at NUS. Additionally, she is involved in a collaborative project with the Translational Immunology Institute at SingHealth, which aims to explore the role of functionally relevant and depleted bacteria in Parkinson’s Disease immunome.