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Unearthing creatures from the Pacific Ocean deep

Four days from the nearest shore, SCELSE research fellow Dr Pauliina Rajala floated out across the Pacific Ocean to somewhere near Hawaii and Mexico.

Photos: Dr Pauliina Rajala

  • In the Media
  • 26 May 2020

Starting from end-February, she was part of a scientific cruise to the Clarion-Clipperton Zone with researchers and scientists from other institutions as part of an environmental survey organised by Keppel Corporation. Dr Rajala’s goal was to collect samples from the depths to study how high pressures in the deep sea alters corrosion induced by microbes. Her project also targets iron-cycling microbes and looks into sulphate-reducing bacteria commonly linked to corrosion, and methanogenic archaea that thrive in low-oxygen conditions.

Channel News Asia and the Straits Times picks up from where the team left off in their brief report of this scientific expedition: