Centre Director and Research Director (Microbial Biofilms)
Professor, School of Biological Sciences, NTU

Prof. Staffan Kjelleberg's research interests include bacterial biofilm biology, chemically mediated interactions used by bacteria and higher organisms, and harnessing/controlling biofilms for engineering and public health applications. His research incorporates a meta-‘omics approach to explore microbial communities and processes in complex systems, with translational outcomes in biotechnology and environmental/public health domains.

Prof. Kjelleberg employs a multidisciplinary approach for advancements in microbial ecology, as well as for the merger of the previously disparate fields of environmental microbiology, eukaryote ecology and environmental engineering. His work on bacterial adaptive responses and biofilm biology has provided insights into the predominant modes of life of bacteria in the environment. Discoveries of interactions at different scales, ranging from within the biofilm, between biofilms and their surrounding environment, to those with higher organisms, have contributed to ecological theory and biofilm control outcomes.

As SCELSE's centre director, Prof. Kjelleberg promotes an interdisciplinary approach that focuses on overall community structure, function and performance of microbial biofilms as well as mechanisms behind their communication and micro-ecological interactions. Commonalities in biofilm biology underpin this broad-based translational research. He brings together the complementary top-down meta-omics/systems biology and bottom-up biofilm mechanism approaches for a diverse scope of applications, from environmental engineering in the urban water cycle to public health and sustainable ecosystems.

Recent publications